A dazzling white smile - not only a source of pride, but also a constant concern. Make her sparkling hassle-help electric toothbrushes: with them you will spend on the cleaning of the teeth five times faster than with a conventional brush! Also, in contrast to the usual, it is uniformly cleans all areas of the teeth and helps to avoid dangerous effect "of increased abrasion." Your teeth will be healthy, enamel - intact, which means, and visits to the dentist will be less and less! We will help you to choose the optimal model for adults and children, with useful features massages gums and whitening, so you can appreciate all the advantages of a stunningly effective device. It works most of the brushes from the battery or batteries - shine forth a smile on any trip or travel!


philips sonicare vs oral b 5000

The size

Choosing an electric toothbrush does not need as usual: the size is also important, but it should be as small as possible. A small rotating head or round bowl shape - the best option for a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. its size varies on the average from 18 to 35 mm. The youngest members of the family buy a toothbrush with a head no more than 25 mm, for an adult - 30 mm in size. To clean the teeth comfortably and efficiently block the brush head has a maximum of three teeth. The Panasonic EW 1035 brush set includes six nozzles of different sizes - different set immediately for the whole family: two universal tips for daily use, two double-sided massage nozzles, as well as two-packing toothpicks.

Useful advantage - flexible connection of the head and the handle of the brush. These models will not only qualitatively to clean the teeth, but also massages the gums, improving blood circulation to the benefit of health. The degree of pressure can be adjusted by yourself.

philips sonicare 6731


The larger the size of the head, the more it should be on the bristles. The child is fit brush with tufts of bristles 20-25, teenagers - 40 and adults should choose a standard model up to 55 beams. An important advantage - a special food coloring on the tips of the bristles. When it wears off, the time comes to replace a head. If you use a toothbrush twice a day, the replacement should be done every three months, otherwise the performance will decrease. Purchase an electric toothbrush, complete with interchangeable heads - it will save you time and will replace it quickly when necessary. At least once a week, it is necessary to brush thoroughly washed with soap and under running hot water - every day.

In order to effectively and safely remove plaque tips of the bristles should be rounded - it does not hurt the enamel and gums. The best option - the bristles of different lengths, arranged at an angle to each other. With their help, you can quickly and efficiently clean teeth.

Toothbrushes Braun apart bristles also feature a special polishing cup in the center - for example, the model Braun Vitality 3D White Luxe (D12 013W) (BOX). It will thoroughly clean and whiten teeth quickly removing darkening.

rotation Technology

The greatest advantage of an electric toothbrush - it does all the work for you. Do not need any unnecessary movements - the head will rotate and effectively clean the teeth and oral cavity. You can select a brush with swinging and pulsating movement.

If you decide to use the first electric toothbrush, want to buy the perfect model for a child or an elderly family member, you should choose the first option. Toothbrushes with a reciprocating rotary motion and the two levels of the bristles clean the teeth very gently and move in a circular motion.

Brushes with pulsating technology combines a circular motion and vibration - plaque is removed more quickly and intensively, but powerful model should be used to it. Most often, these are the brushes are equipped with color-coded on the tips of the bristles, which will prompt the necessary time off. Also, most powerful models are equipped with a timer cutoff, which will help preserve the health of the enamel.

Model Braun Triumph Professional Care 5000 D32 + SMART GUIDE combines and swinging and pulsating movement for maximum efficiency. The kit with a toothbrush includes a handy wireless display SmartGuide, two nozzles FlossAction, bleaching nozzle ProWhite, and Sensitive nozzle with soft bristles.


This useful feature fitted, are generally more expensive and "advanced" model. It works automatically and does not require an independent setting. Even the most intensive cleaning teeth should take no more than two minutes - otherwise you risk damaging the enamel. For convenience, the mouth may be divided into four parts and spend on each for half a minute. The toothbrush will vibrate and give you a signal when the time comes to go to the next part. Brush Philips HX 6711/02 HealthyWhite is equipped with a timer for cleaning and whitening, as well as extremely effective in removing all traces of coffee or wine, restoring the natural whiteness of teeth.

Pressure meter

A very important advantage - the presence of the automatic pressure switch. If you overdo it with the pressure, "smart" appliances alone will reduce the intensity of movement of the bristles. And in models with an inclined nozzle when excessive pressure on the tooth or the gum head tilted back, saved the enamel. The sensor will help keep your teeth healthy and radiant.